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"Dr. Miller has been of tremendous help to me.

I had issues with my spine for years, and while I was on vacation at Lake Tahoe it felt worse.

Out of desperation I looked on line and asked at the front desk of my hotel for the best chiropractor in town, and both directed me towards Dr. Miller.

I called and mentioned the emergency that my constant pain required, and I was gracefully "squeezed in between"... which is just to say that Dr. Miller didn't take his lunch break and took the time to treat me instead.

He operated a standard check-up, while asking questions about my injuries and my current lifestyle, then he got me on some muscle relaxing machines, operated a focused adjustment and healed some of my neck-and-shoulders muscles with ultrasounds - a premiere for me.

I must say the result was OUTSTANDING.

I was back to my normal state - prior to the accident that caused me so much pain - and I felt rejuvenated instantly.

I live in Los Angeles, and seriously consider flying over and consult with Dr. Miller a couple of times a year, for his treatment has been extremely efficient. I really like that he's also concerned about wellness, which is about maintaining a good health overall."

- Astrid

“Dr. Miller Testimonial from a verrrrry grateful client!

Dr. Miller "came to my rescue" when my husband and I were up in Lake Tahoe for a mini-vacation getaway! Not knowing where to go for "back-help", we prayed, we Googled and chose Dr. Miller! From the moment we walked into the door, we knew we had selected the right Chiropractor! Dr. Miller took the time to thoroughly listen to my "pain," did extensive testing to determine the cause, gave me a pain-free treatment, and I left tremendously better so I could enjoy our Tahoe-getaway! Because he knew we were in town just for the week, he fit me into his schedule so I could get 2 follow-up treatments! Whether you are local or a visitor to Lake Tahoe, my suggestion is to let Dr. Miller "come to your rescue"! I was so impressed, I'm coming back!”

- Pam Kelly, Colorado Springs, CO

“Dear Dr. Miller,

Yesterday I saw you for a problem I had with dizziness and some neck pain. You took the time to do a thorough neurological exam and made the suggestion that my dizziness was most likely due to a middle ear problem. You showed me a handout for the Epley Maneuver and I told you I was going to see my ENT specialist in a couple of hours. Well guess what he did, the Epley Maneuver! My dizziness is gone but I am truly grateful for your skill and diagnostic acumen! In addition, my neck feels great!

Thank You.”

- Vincent P D'Ascoli D.D.S., Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics

“When I first came to Dr. Glenn Miller, I was in so much pain. My back was numb and tingling. My neck hurt. I couldn't look down or back without pain. Standing or sitting too long hurt.

He is like a miracle worker. His hands do heal. Following his treatment plan, the results were amazing. I have no more numbness or tingling. Wow!

Everyone at the office is so nice, caring, understanding and professional.

I'm always in good hands there.

Thank you so much!”

- Gwendolyn Garlinghouse

“I have been a patient at Alpine Chiropractic and Sports Clinic for the last couple of years. When my husband, son and I got involved in downhill skiing this year, I realized just how beneficial Dr. Miller’s treatments were especially after taking a few tumbles on the hill and throwing my body out of alignment.

Dr. Miller is extremely meticulous at determining where your pain is located and treating it with several methods (i.e. chiropractic adjustments, ultra-sound, massage, heat/cold therapy). He also offers follow-up treatments to ensure that these methods have taken care of the problem area and helped with the healing process as well.

Not only is Dr. Miller genuinely concerned for your well-being but he also employs a courteous and professional staff that welcomes you warmly the moment you step in the door. You definitely feel at ease with Audra (massage therapist) and Patty (office manager). My 9-year old son has also received chiropractic treatments at Alpine and mentions how much he loves it.

I have been extremely satisfied and grateful with the treatments I have received and highly recommend the services that Alpine Chiropractic and Sports Clinic offers. Thanks again!”

- Drusilla Cunningham, South Lake Tahoe, CA

"We had been traveling away from home for a week before arriving in Lake Tahoe on Sunday night. I was in so much pain and I couldn't turn my head. I compared Yelp reviews with Tahoe Chiropractors on my insurance. Looked like Dr. Miller was a good choice. And he was!!!

They were able to get me in that afternoon. He did a thorough exam, explaining everything to me along the way. I've used chiropractic for years, but different Dr's tend to do things a little different. The information he was giving me helped me to be relaxed and trusting with him. He adjusted me and followed up with therapy. I contemplated returning when he was in the office again on Wednesday, but we had a lot going on with the family reunion and I was feeling markedly improved. By Friday everything had settled in just perfectly and I felt great! No more headache and I could turn my head just fine!

His staff was very caring and helpful and I was very pleased that they treated a transient out of towner with as much care and concern as a local patient."

Michelle R.
Lane, OR

"(for Cheryl E) Dr. Miller is very caring and extremely knowledgeable as a Chiropracter. He's very attentive to your needs and is very good at explaining your condition and what needs to be done to get you better. I've been going to Dr. Miller for over thirty years and he has always helped me. My husband also has been going to him that long and always gets helped by Dr. Miller. His staff is very friendly and caring. His office is very nice as well. He also has the best magazines in town!!!"

Audra L.
Hanover, MI

"We went to Tahoe over Thanksgiving and what can I say - after that 9 hour car ride from Orange County and carrying some heavy suitcases, my back said "NO MORE"! Since I am no stranger to back problems, I came prepared with lots of pills that kept me afloat for the first day. By the second day I was in a ton of pain in spite of the pills and by the 3rd day which happened to be Thanksgiving, I was just in tears. I found Dr. Millers glowing reviews on Yelp and called, NEVER expecting someone to actually answer the phone. After all, it was Thanksgiving, the holiest of holy days! Dr. Miller answered himself and was SO incredibly kind and sympathetic to my situation. He was on his way to a party but gave me some very valuable information over the phone and even offered to come in the next day, although his practice was technically closed. He then even followed up that same night at 9pm with a phone call and another phone call the next morning with more information on how to prepare for the grueling car ride home. Who does that?!?! I never actually got to meet Dr. Miller, but he seems extremely knowledgeable and is 110% dedicated to his job. I might just have to move to Tahoe one day - I am sure my back would be ever so grateful :-)"

Britta W.
Santa Ana, CA

"Dr. Miller is AWESOME! I have been going to him for a few months now and always leave his office feeling relaxed and in WAY less pain than what I came in with. He is very professional and always takes time to explain my current condition and what he will do to help. His assistant, Audra, is wonderful as well. She is always very kind and gives the best massages EVER! I always look forward to my visits and I highly recommend his office!"

Carla C.
South Lake Tahoe, CA

"Having never been to a Chiropractor before, Dr. Miller was very descriptive and thorough in explaining exactly what he would be doing for diagnosis and treatment. He explained each and every part of the back and spine and how he came to diagnose the cause of my lower back pain. Environment was inviting and made me comfortable being it was my first time. I look forward to going back for more treatment."

Bob J.
Franklin, TN

"If you need a chiropractor who is knowledgeable, professional, compassionate, and committed to helping you find relief from pain, or to simply increase your overall well being, get in to see Dr Miller at Alpine Chiropractic. As others have commented, his staff is also top notch. After a series of about 10 adjustments, I feel so much better - little to no lower back pain, dramatically increased mobility, I SWEAR I have more energy, and I have not been catching the cold and flu bugs that are taking down almost everyone in my workplace. I will continue to get monthly maintenance treatments from him even though the pain is pretty much gone - it is well worth the time and money."

Jeanne S.
Somerset, CA

"Saved our vacation! As we were on our way to Tahoe our good friend started getting a migraine. We got into Tahoe and found Dr. Miller. The staff was nice and the Dr. took his time and worked out our friend so that he was able to enjoy our night away from our kids. He said of all the chiropractors he's been to Dr. William is by far the best and took his time to make sure our friends migraine would go away. Alpine will definitely be our spot every time now that we make our trip to Tahoe!"

Shelly N.
Vacaville, CA

"Imagine yourself finally on vacation, after weeks of grueling work, little sleep and a lot of stress... and then find that you're starting off your precious time away with terrible pain and a neck joint out of alignment. I debated with myself - should I try to stick it out or should I get off my chaise and do something to get rid of the pain for the remaining precious days? Reader, I yelped. And found Dr. Miller listed. Close to my hotel, so I called. He fit me - a total stranger - in during his lunch break. The office staff was so darn nice, I began to feel better as soon as I walked in. I got more than I thought I would - an office consultation before the examination, then the lovely warm roller bed to loosen up my back (how do I get one of those into my living room?), massage and then - oh, the relief of that adjustment! Followed up by some ultrasound and ice and... my vacation was saved. Not gonna lie, I'm still a bit sore but the terrible pain is gone and I could actually turn my head to admire the lake view. I don't know when I'll get back up to Tahoe (I sincerely hope so) or whether I'll need Dr. Miller when I do (I sincerely hope NOT) but can't recommend him highly enough. And bonus: My husband also thanks Dr. Miller, because apparently my mood wasn't the sweetest before my office visit (let's just say, rhymes with twitchy). If you live in South Lake Tahoe or find yourself there in need - take this five-star review seriously."

Elizabeth S.
San Diego, CA

"Always get excellent treatment by Dr. Miller and the staff. Very accommodating at getting me in on short notice. I always walk away feeling like a new person following the adjustment and time on the roller table, back massager, and ultrasound machine. Fees are reasonable and they take insurance--can't get much better than that."

Lisa D.
South Lake Tahoe, CA

"Dr. miller is a great chiropractor who really truly listens to his patients. he actually cares about each individual he works with. i am very happy i chose Dr. Miller to be my spine therapist he has made me feel more welcome in his office and practice than any other doctor I've ever gone to. chiropractors always made me nervous specially the cracking of the back but i am thankful for have choosing dr miller for he does just more than adjust my back he really listens to my concerns and is extremely thorough. if your are looking for a great chiropractor Dr. Miller is your guy!"

Teryn S.
South Lake Tahoe, CA

"I hurt my back lifting weights and was not able to get into a chiropractor immediately because of my travel schedule. I spent a few weeks trying to work through the problem myself with stretching and other exercises. It started to get better but then it got worse again and after a terrible night of sleep I looked for the closest chiropractor to my house.

I was a little nervous when I went in because in the past I have gone to chiropractors I would describe as more "intuitive" in their approach. Dr. Miller and his office seemed more scientific. But I was in pain so I wasn't turning around.

Dr. Miller took time to examine me and ask me lots of questions. Went through another treatment I had never done before where there was like a little electric pulsing on my back. And then he adjusted me. Told me I was probably looking at 2-6 sessions and asked me to call him the next day to tell him how I felt. Scheduled an appointment for three days later.

The next day I felt a thousand times better. I went in for the second visit, mainly as a precautionary step and because I wanted him to examine me to see if his adjustment had "stuck." It had.

I thanked him and he seemed genuinely happy to see how much better I was doing.

I'd recommend him to anyone in the Tahoe. I know a lot of people come here for outdoor adventures too and are visiting and away from their usual chiropractors. Go see this guy if you're here and have trouble. He's legit!"

Clark V.
Santa Barbara, CA

"When I seen Dr. Miller I was in an extreme amount of pain . He was very detailed in the diagnosis . In as little as a few hours I was feeling much much better . I cant thank him enough for saving the rest of my vacation. I would highly recommend him to anyone that has back pain."

Chris H.
Saint Louis, MO

"Best chiropractor I've ever been to, and I've been to many:)

Dr Miller takes time to listen to the patient, and you just feel that he really wants to help you with pain relief and overall well-being. Highly recommended for all locals and out of town patients. AAAAAAAAA plus in my books:)"

Diana H.
Zephyr Cove, NV

"My wife and I drove up to Tahoe for the weekend for our anniversary. We are rather adventurous, so our itinerary consisted of hiking, kayaking, and various recreational activities. Since my wife is 30 weeks pregnant, things can turn for the worst rather quickly. On the ride up, she had a dull constant pain in her sciatica and it would intermittently flare up to a sharp pain. We didn't want hindrance on our vacation... We dreaded thinking about staying in the cabin all weekend. Dr. Miller had the solution. Thanks to the only chiropractor open on Saturdays, our getaway was spared. The service at Alpine Chiropractic is unrivaled... But the people are even better. 5 star service 6 star people. Dr. Miller and his receptionist are exceptional! Talk about a turnaround. Her back, hips and neck are aligned and she is back (no pun intended) in order! Just look at the guy's Yelp reviews and tell me you wouldn't go there. Come on. Also, my wrist was a bit tweaked and Dr. Miller snapped that back into place as well... Made all the difference. Go here if you're in Tahoe and feeling out of whack! No cons, no complaints. One adjustment and bam... You're on your way!"

Cole H.
Vacaville, CA

"Absolutely the most pleasant experience I have been through at a chiropractic clinic. Met with Dr Kane who made me feel very comfortable, explained things very well, introduced me to other staff, made it feel personal and really listened. Felt like I was just hanging out with a close friend.

Staff is extremely friendly, place is immaculate and atmosphere is completely relaxing. Cost wise I am very very impressed. 75.00 for a thorough, non rushed personal experience is very fair. Most places in Tahoe charge 125.00.

It takes a lot for me to be impressed and compelled to write a review. This place I just can't say enough good about."

Kevin C.
South Lake Tahoe, CA

"Dr Miller was amazing! I came to Lake Tahoe for a retreat, but had put my back out the day before. I was in agonizing pain and could barely move. Lindsay, the front desk clerk got me in right away and was so pleasant and helpful. Dr Miller did mechanical and nerve checks in his office to determine if my case could be adjusted. He used some cold and some muscles stimulation to prepare and relax my muscles. Then he adjusted me carefully and expertly. I was so grateful for the help. If I lived near Lake Tahoe I would get regular adjustments from him. If your back has pain, stiffness or even if it aches, give him a try. I am sure he can make a big difference."

Laura T.
El Cerrito, CA

"Woke up with a bad back and could barely move. Called Tahoe Chiropractic Clinic and dealt with Dr. James Kane. They accepted my HealthNet insurance. He was the best chiropractor I've ever dealt with. He was very thorough and fixed me right up. I highly recommend him!"

Ed B.
Sylmar, CA

"Dr Miller is the best! Whether you live in Tahoe,or are visiting, This is the place to go. The office staff are very friendly and will do anything to get you in when you're in pain. I have seen may chiropractors in my life, but have never walked out after one visit feeling pain free. The equipment and Linsay make you feel like you're at a spa, relaxing your muscles so they are ready for an adjustment, then again after too :) When I saw Dr Miller, I had been in pain for 10 months with no relief, one visit and it was gone.So, whether you've been in pain for a long time, or are up visiting and have tweaked your body having fun, Go see Dr Miller!!!!!"

Lisa P.
South Lake Tahoe, CA

"Dr. Miller is phenomenal, caring and concise. I went in his office with acute neck pain that was radiating into my left shoulder and left rear deltoid plus pain going up into my head on the left side causing a headache in both temples plus facial numbness on the left. His staff got me right back to him where he took a history and than into another room for a complete exam. He was very concerned and efficient. I was so pleased with the time he took and how thorough he was. Treatment consisted of laying down on heat and the roller table, which was very relaxing. He also did muscle work before he adjusted, which I think is so important. Than ended with ultrasound to reduce inflammation and help with the healing process.

I left without pain, no headache and my numbness in my face went down. Super happy I went.

I leave Lake Tahoe tomorrow and am so glad I went to Dr Miller to help me with this pain and dysfunction. I was not looking forward to packing, pulling luggage and flying home, with this pain. I definitely will not be lifting or pulling luggage just enjoying not having that pain.

Thank you Dr Miller!! I feel SO MUCH BETTER! My daughter thanks you too, because I was miserable and shutting down!!!

BTW, His staff is top notch, the office is ran efficiently and I had very little wait. Such a plus!!"

Faith L.
Orange County, CA

"I recently had a trip planned to go snowboarding for a week in Tahoe and threw out my back the day before I left. I saw a chiro at home and was able to make the drive up. I threw out my back again a couple days later while I was in Tahoe and was in considerable pain. My husband found Dr. Miller on yelp and gave him a call. It was near the end of his work day and he very graciously stayed so he could see me. I saw him again a couple days later as well.

I have been seeing a chiro regularly for the past 15 years and I was a little nervous to see someone new, but Dr. Miller was great. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to anyone and I would definitely go see him again. The rest of the staff were very friendly and helpful as well."

Carrie C.
Petaluma, CA

"I'm a national level bodybuilder and always screwing myself up! Most people cannot work on me because of my size but Dr. Miller knows all the tricks to fix me up every time!"

Chris M.
Stateline, NV

"Dr. Miller is the BEST. I've been to chiropractors before, but never has my neck pain been so effectively treated. And in very few visits! I have a slight pinched nerve in my neck from subluxation, which can quickly grow to immobilizing pain down my entire back. He treated me on a Friday, insisted that we talk on the phone the next day (his day off) to see how I was doing. How rare is that? Just two visits later, I has "healed" with no pain. He is the first chiropractor ever to recommend a simple neck device that keeps me straight (and out of the office). THANKS DR. MILLER!!!!"

Sammy S.
Los Angeles, CA

"How do you spell relief after three years of sheer pain, lots of doctors, occipital nerve blocks, pain meds, physical therapy, and even Botox, all to no avail? Dr. Miller here in Lake Tahoe. On vacation here, and as usual I am miserable with neck and headaches. Came in here at my wits end and expecting the usual nothing results. At the end of first visit, I could actually turn my neck both directions when I couldn't at all when I walked in. Hoping for real sleep tonight, and I cannot wait. Have another appt. as a check up day after tomorrow. Huge thank you to Dr. Miller and everyone should go see him. I am from Scottsdale, AZ and have no vested interest and had never met him before! Wish he had an office there!"

Gina P.
Phoenix, AZ

"I would say that this is the best place to meet your chiropractic needs in the whole lake area. I love them for their friendliness, the treatments are great. I always feel better when I'm done. Dr. Miller is great."

Jennifer L.
San Francisco, CA

"Seriously I'm not a people person or is it people are just not a Moni person and ive never ever been to a chiropractor lol anyway I literally left in tears because they were so nice. We have not had a lot of experience with genuine good people and especially in the last couple years with our daughters disability issues. There are a lot of cruel awful people out there and just to be heard and genuinely cared for by a complete stranger who treated me like their own daughter put me in a state of shock almost. My own mother never cared for me this much. Doctors are never this nice they never listen they just don't really care. Well dr miller is this nice he knows his stuff and he truly cares about his patients. I will be taking my husband and all three baby girls to see him. He will definitely be a huge part of our families health care for sure."

Monika M.
Coquille, OR

"I came up to Tahoe with terrible neck pain and was worried about not being able to enjoy my winter break. I was extremely lucky to find Dr. Miller and his wonderful staff who were able to fit me in the same day I called! All I can say is "WOW!" I left the office and was able to sleep through the night with significantly less pain. The second time I saw only got better!!!! Dr. Miller is very professional and nice and his staff are also exceptionally pleasant. Dr. Miller takes the time to listen, assess and directly treat the problem. His staff make sure that you are comfortable and assist with all types of relaxing treatments massage, heat, etc The Best!!!

Alpine Chiropractic gets an A+ from me and I am a college instructor!!"

Monica S.
San Ramon, CA

"Saw Dr. Miller same day I called for appointment. Here on for a long weekend with friends and my neck was killing me. After a though diagnosis he put me on a stretch machine with heat. Then he gave me a though manipulative adjustment. Pain free now! Thanks Dr. Miller."

Grace B.
King City, CA

"I tried other chiropractors in the Lake Tahoe area and always felt like my needs weren't being met and the pain in my lower back and neck continued to be an issue for me. I decided I would try out Dr. Miller based on his reviews. Dr. Miller is by far the best chiropractor around. From the second I walked into the office to the moment I walked out, I had nothing but an exceptional experience. I had an ongoing issue with my lower back due to an injury as well as intense pain in my neck. He was very thorough in his assessment and treatment. He took the necessary steps to find out what was going on and in fact I had a curvature of my lower lumbar spine as well as my hips were out of alignment. My previous chiropractors simply did an alignment and sent me on my way hoping I'd feel better. Within 2 appointments with Dr. Miler I felt an amazing amount of difference! I could actually function without the pain and stiffness I was feeling on a daily basis. The treatment and friendly staff are by far the best I've ever had!!! I would 100% recommend Dr. Miller to anyone needing a chiropractor."

Shaunte D.
South Lake Tahoe, CA

"I recently moved to the S. Tahoe area and had been in dire need of a chiropractor. I have had Chiropractic care throughout my life and took my chances on a local chiropractor having no success, so I decided to try someone new and chose Dr. Miller mainly because of the fact that he does sports medicine. I can't even express the knowledge this man has and how great the adjustment went. He was thorough with the exam, explaining everything to me and communicated well during the adjustment. I walked in with a level of pain around 8-9 and walked out with no pain. I was completely relieved and will be back to see him for future adjustments when needed."

Marie C.
South Lake Tahoe, CA

"Went to Glenn Miller with lower back pain one year after a serious back operation. His machinery and manipulation did the trick! Pain gone, and I'm riding my bicycle cautiously for the first time in a year. Hiking and swimming too, and I'm 66."

Frank S.
Stateline, NV

"Dr. Miller is the best. Arrived in Tahoe with my chronic back in extreme pain. His very personable and kind staff fitted me in the same day and I was back in action again that same day! After the second treatment, two days later, I felt better than I had for years. He is amazingly gifted."

Andy H.
Santa Barbara, CA

"Tweaked my lower back and couldn't stand up straight. Off to Dr. Miller for relief, which I received. The tens electrical stimulation, ultrasound & massage along with the adjustment does wonders! I knew I was going to need to see him for a few weeks. Each time I was much better. Last time I saw him was several years ago. Dani, who assists him with everything, is a precious jewel and compliments his caring attitude. If you like hands-on manipulation, seek out Dr. Miller. He'll come thru for you!"

Sharon D.
Dana Point, CA

"I was on vacation, hurt my back and luckily found Dr. Miller. He got me in the same day and gave me his personal cell phone number for when the office was closed. Back feels great. Saved my vacation."

Greg W.
Santa Barbara, CA

"We were in Lake Tahoe for some skiing this last week. I'd been having some neck/shoulder pain for about a week. At times the pain was severe. I decided to skip a day of skiing and hoped I could get in to see a chiropractor on such short notice. Dr. Miller was able to see me that morning. Dr. Miller and his staff are very friendly and pleasant. After his exam he explained what was going on and then we proceeded to the next step-treatment. I was only able to have one treatment during our time in Lake Tahoe but it helped a lot. I haven't had the severe pain that I had earlier. He recommended I see a chiropractor when we get home and I will."

Landy L.
Albuquerque, NM

"Dr. Miller has been of tremendous help to me.

I had issues with my spine for years, and while I was on vacation at Lake Tahoe it felt worse.

Out of desperation I looked on line and asked at he front desk of my hotel for the best chiropractor in town, and both directed me towards Dr. Miller.

I called and mentioned the emergency that my constant pain required, and I was gracefully "squeezed in between"... which is just to say that Dr Miller didn't take his lunch break and took the time to treat me instead.

He operated a standard check up, while asking questions about my injuries and my current lifestyle, then he got me on some muscle relaxing machines, operated a focused adjustment and healed some of my neck-and-shoulders muscles with ultrasounds - a premiere for me.

I must say the result was OUTSTANDING.

I was back to my normal state - prior to the accident that caused me so much pain - and I felt rejuvenated instantly.

I live in Los Angeles, and seriously consider flying over and consult with Dr Miller a couple of times a year, for his treatment has been extremely efficient. I really like that he's also concerned about wellness, which is about maintaining a good health overall."

Lola C.
Los Angeles, CA

"I would like to recommend Dr. Miller to anyone who needs chiropractic care. I had a problem with severe pain in my lower back, hip, and legs. He was able to help me right away and does a wonderful job. Everyone in the office is very friendly and goes out of their way to make you comfortable. The examination is very thorough and he was able to pinpoint the problem that was causing all of my pain. This was my first time seeing a chiropractor so I wasn't sure just what to expect, but I am extremely happy with the results. Thank you Dr. Miller."

Phil B.
Carson City, NV

"Omg!!! This man, Dr. Glen, is a miracle worker. I've been being treated by him for many years and I never have to go to a doctor. Colds, ear aches, foot pain, anything, he's the man. Do yourself a favor and call him now! Linda B also carpal tunnel:)"

Glenn M.
South Lake Tahoe, CA

"I had a sore shoulder, one week away from a golf vacation and didn't think I was going to be able to play. Dr. Miller took the time to get to the source of the pain (pinched nerve) and did a range of treatments including manipulation, ice, electric pulse, and stretching to the affected area. Results were fabulous, I will be teeing it up this weekend thanks to his aggressive approach. Very caring staff, clean facility, and no voodoo cracking, rather thoughtful, sports medicine related approach to muscle and nerve pain. I will be back after my golf rounds to fix whatever I can mess up next : )"

John R.
South Lake Tahoe, CA

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